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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mogastone Vanity Top Granite

If you haven't read my previous review of Mogastone, you should read it before this post - most of my praise for their services is there.

Anyway, we found the opportunity to remodel our bathroom recently, and the first name to come up for our granite was Mogastone. In fact the ONLY name that came up was Mogastone - they did such a great job on our kitchen granite that we would have gone to no other company.

Moga has not lost a smidgen of their professionalism, courtesy, helpfulness, or willingness to work with the customer since doing our kitchen. Even though it's been nearly eight years since our kitchen remodel, Anca Moga remembered me and our project. I know companies who would not remember a repeat customer just a few months after providing service.

As we have already come to expect, Nick Moga and family has worked their magic again for our bathroom. Nick came out in a timely manner, measured and estimated our vanity costs.  I was not surprised that the figure came in under our budget.  We had our new granite vanity top installed within days of measurement.  I cannot promise that Moga will always have such a great turn-around, but for us, they did - both times!

We not only had our bathroom vanity done, but also the curbing for our frameless shower and the thresholds under the doors of the bathroom.  They didn't even have to come measure for the extras - they were able to fabricate them from templates I had supplied to them.  In spite of the critical dimensions of the curb, etc, the pieces fit perfectly!  What other granite company does that?  As a matter of fact, I can imagine that most granite shops would not even attempt such a project.  But not Moga - they will go out of their way to provide top-notch customer service.

If you're reading this review, you're probably in the market for granite counters or vanity tops.  Please let all the research I had done prior to choosing Mogastone save you the trouble and just give them a call.  They will be very pleased to speak with you and work to help you create the stunning kitchen, bathroom, or other project into the vision you've always dreamed of!

Again, I urge you to read my previous review, Mogastone - Granite Countertops for a really great launching point for your next granite project.