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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Triangle Town Center Brawl is Gang Related

There was a big fight among what's been reported to be over 200 teens this week at the Triangle Town Center in Raleigh. Police have indicated the altercation was gang related.

Yeah. Who could've seen THAT one coming, eh?

Walk into the Triangle Town Center any Saturday evening and this is what you'll see. If you're in any of the stores, you'll find the typical mix of people: age and gender appropriate shoppers for whichever store you're observing.

Walk through the corridors of the shopping complex, however, and you'll see a different picture. Over-represented by a significant degree are teens and young adults who seem to be doing anything but shopping. One might even describe their behavior as loitering.

I mean, how can anyone call this presence other than loitering? After all, if they're all shopping, how come only a small percentage are ever seen carrying bags containing purchases?

Next time you're at Triangle Town Center on a Saturday night, (if you dare,) stand in the central part of the mall by the fountain and escalators where you can see both levels. Observe how many actual shoppers you see compared to the number of teens and young adults walking around, (somewhat slowly, I might add,) with no purchases in their hands.

I cannot help but imagine that this incident will have an impact on the merchants in the Triangle Town Center. Hopefully they'll beef up security, at least until this whole 200 person gang related altercation thing blows over.

And if you're a teen or young adult roaming the walkways of the Triangle Town Center on a Saturday night, be prepared for a level of scrutiny like you've never experienced before.

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