Life in the Triangle

In 1999, my wife Kathy and I moved to The Triangle Area of North Carolina from California. Interesting area, the Triangle. Here are some of our experiences.


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sha ZAY amm, Ma'am

I am still adjusting to the Southern dialect.  The other day, the Kindergarten teacher talked about meteorology.  First of all, can you believe they are teaching aspects of meteorology to Kindergartners??  When I was in the second grade, I was still saying, "I gotta go potty!"

Anyway, she was talking about different forms of precipitation, and all the kids started laughing when she said the word "hail," because in the South, "HAY-ell" is how they say "Hell."


Southerner: "It looks like it's going to hail."

Me (thinking) : "What's going to hell?"